Extraoral Dental Suction system $1375.00



Extraoral Dental Suction system 

External Oral Suction Device UV-C Irradiation + Plasma sterilization, reduces the risk of cross infection between doctors and patients, protect respiratory health.

Safely remove droplets and aerosol particles created during dental treatment  

this system is able to filter the blood, viruses, germs, fluids, & dust that would otherwise end up contaminating your operatory, clothes, and body!

ProClean Extra Oral Suction System Overview  

Thank you very much for choosing to the ProClean Extra Oral Suction System. Please read this instruction manual and the accompanying materials in detail.
The ProClean is covered by a 2 year warranty (not including replacement filters and uv lamp)
1.1 Contents
This instruction manual includes an overview, instructions for use of the suction unit, operation routines, maintenance, and precautions. You can view related content as needed and get corresponding help.
1.2 Structure and Composition
The external-oral suction unit is mainly composed of a generally vacuum pressure suction module, a primary filter, high-efficiency filters, ultraviolet sterilization, plasma sterilization, and a free arm.
1.3 Ideal Applications
It is used for the suction and purification of bacterial aerosols between medical staff and patients during dental treatment.
1.4 Safety Information 1.4.1 Electrical Safety
● The power supply for the environment in which this product is used must have a good, standard grounding device, and the grounding wire must be firm. It must use the national standard single-phase three-plug power cord, and cooperate with a well-grounded single-phase three-hole socket to ensure good grounding of this product.
Attention To avoid the risk of electric shock, the device can only be connected to a power cable with a protective ground. An incorrect grounding plug can cause a risk of electric shock.
● Before powering on this product, please confirm that the power supply you provide can meet the input power information marked near the power input port of this product.
● Do not share the socket with other electrical appliances to prevent the voltage from being unstable sometimes, which may damage the product
● When performing maintenance / repair or cleaning this product, be sure to unplug the power cord to ensure that the product is completely powered off before proceeding.
● Regularly check the power cord and power plug for damage, and make sure that the power cord is not crushed by other objects.
1.4.2 Regular Inspection
Regular safety inspections should be performed by trained and skilled personnel, the following items should be checked at least once a year:
Check the functional status of the equipment and machines.
Check whether the relevant safety signs are clear.
Check whether the performance of the device meets the instructions in the manual.
Test whether the grounding resistance is less than the resistance value 0.1Ω required in GB9706.1.
1.4.3 Precautions
1) You should read and understand all contents in the manual carefully before operating.
2) Follow all warnings and instructions on the instrument during operation.
3) During maintenance and repair, the water and electricity sources must be emptied before the water and electricity sources are turned off.
4) Only trained and skilled medical personnel can operate the equipment. Improper use will cause serious personal injury.
5) In following cases, please do not use the device, nor can you open the device or replace the accessories

without authorization, and can only be repaired by the manufacturer or authorized service provider.
● Damaged power cord.
● The device does not work properly.
● The device is damaged.
● Water entered in the device.
● The device runs loudly or has a harsh sound, the output air is overheated, and an unpleasant odor
is emitted.
● Product introduction, instruction manual, technical manual, product repair card, circuit diagram,
parts list and other useful information, etc., need to be provided when the technician of an
authorized service provider repair.
6) The operator should unplug the power plug when leaving.
7) In order to avoid damage to machinery and electrical appliances, prevent attachments from falling.
8) The disposal of wastes and residues of products shall comply with the requirements of relevant national environmental protection regulations.
9) Strong electromagnetic waves will not be generated during the operation of this product, but in order to ensure the normal use of other medical devices, it should be prepared for grounding or try to avoid the use of other highly sensitive instruments and equipment at the same time, so as to avoid the equipment from being interfered by electromagnetic sources.
1.4.4 Cleaning
Please keep the environment of the product clean. Before cleaning the product, please disconnect the power supply, wipe the outer surface of the product with a soft cloth and neutral detergent; ABS parts should be cleaned with a soft cloth dipped in soapy water; metal baking parts are cleaned with a soft cloth dipped in soapy water or wiped with car wax.
Attention Do not use liquid or cleaning agents containing flammable substances.
1.5 Symbols and Marks
During installation, operation and maintenance, please pay attention to the important information represented by the symbols on the packaging and product labels:
Protective grounding Serial number
Avoid moisture
Attention, please refer to the instructions
Turn On Turn off
Face up Stacking layers
(IP) Protection (2) The entry of foreign objects larger than 12.5 mm in diameter and 0 (no protection against water)
S3 30%
Intermittent operation
The ratio of operating time to the sum of operating time and subsequent interval time is 30%
2. Technical Specifications 2.1 Technical Specifications:

Name ProClean Extra Oral Suction Model Model PC2800 Voltage/Frequency AC 220V / 50 Power 1250W
Noise ≤70dB
Suction rate / wind pressure 3000L/min 5KPA
Suction pressure: -10KPa
Dimensions 368.1*323.5*762MM (not including the free arm)
Filter level HEPA 13 Filter efficiency: ≥99.97%
2.2 Classification
2.2.1 Classified by type of anti-motor: Class I equipment
2.2.2 Classification by electric shock protection: ordinary equipment without application part
2.2.3 Classified according to the degree of protection against liquid ingress: IP20 equipment
2.2.4 According to the safety level when used in the case of anesthetic gas mixed with air or flammable anesthetic gas mixed with nitrous oxide
Classification: Not AP type and APG type equipment
2.2.5 Classified by operating mode: intermittent operating equipment
2.3 Transport, storage and use conditions
2.3.1 Transport and storage
The machine should be transported and stored under following conditions: Temperature: -10 Relative humidity range: ≤90%, atmospheric pressure range: 50 kPa ~ 106 kPa
2.3.2 Working condition
Temperature: + 5 ~ 40 , relative humidity: ≤80%, atmospheric pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa There should not be a lot of dust and corrosive substances in the surrounding air.
2.4 Electromagnetic Compatibility
~ + 50
Medical electrical equipment requires special tips on electromagnetic compatibility, as well as installation and use according to the electromagnetic compatibility information provided in the random files; portable and mobile radio frequency communication equipment may affect the use of the equipment.
In order to ensure the best EMC performance, please use the specified cable. The AC power cord specification is 1.8 meters in length; the transducers and cables sold by the company as spare parts for the components of the internal active oxygen air disinfection machine. The use of accessories, transducers and cables outside the regulations may cause an increase in the emission of the air disinfection machine or reduced immunity.
The suction machine should not be used close to or stacked with other equipment. If it must be used close to or stacked, it should be observed to verify that it can operate normally.
Guidance and manufacturer's declaration-electromagnetic emissions
Dental electric suction machine should be used in the specified electromagnetic environment, the user or buyer should ensure that this product is used under such conditions.
Launch experiment Compliance
Electromagnetic environment-guide
Radio frequency emission GB4824
One Unit
Dental electric suction machines use radio frequency energy only for their internal functions. Therefore, its radio

Radio frequency emission GB4824
frequency emission is very low, and the interference to nearby electronic equipment may be very small.
Harmonic emission GB 17625.1
Dental electric suction machine is suitable for non- domestic use and all facilities that are not directly connected to the public low-voltage power supply network of domestic residences.
Voltage fluctuation / flicker
GB 17625.2
Not applicable
Guidance and manufacturer's declaration-electromagnetic immunity
Dental electric suction machine is used in the electromagnetic environment specified below. The user or user who purchased this product should ensure that it is used in this electromagnetic environment.
Immunity test
IEC 60601 Electrical Coincidence Electrical Electromagnetic
level environment-guide
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) GB/T17626.2
±6 kV Contact discharge
±8 kV Air discharge
±6 kV Contact discharge
±8 kV Air discharge
The ground should be wood, concrete or ceramic tiles. If the ground is covered with synthetic materials, the relative humidity should be at least 30%.
Electrical fast transient burst GB/T17626.4
±2kV On the power cord
±1kV For input / output lines
±2kV On the power cord
Not Applicable
The grid power supply should have the quality used in a typical commercial or hospital environment.
Surge GB/T17626.5
±1 kV Line-to-Line ±2 kV Line-to-ground
±1 kV Line-to-Line ±2 kV Line-to-ground
The grid power supply should have the quality used in a typical commercial or hospital environment.
Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage changes on the power input line GB/T17626.11
<5% UT for 0.5 cycle (> 95% drop in UT) 40% UT for 5 cycles (On UT, 60% drop) 70% UT for 25 cycles (At UT,> 30% drop) <5% UT for 5 S (> 95% drop in UT)
<5% UT for 0.5 cycle (> 95% drop in UT) 40% UT for 5 cycles (On UT, 60% drop) 70% UT for 25 cycles (At UT,> 30% drop) <5% UT for 5 S (> 95% drop in UT)
The network power supply should have the quality used in a typical commercial or hospital environment. If the user of the dental electric suction machine needs to continue to operate during the power interruption, it is recommended that the dental electric suction machine be powered by an uninterruptible power supply or battery.
Power frequency magnetic field GB/T17626.8
The power frequency magnetic field should have the characteristics of power frequency magnetic field level in a typical place in a typical commercial or hospital

Note UT refers to the AC grid voltage before applying the test voltage
3: Product Structure and Installation 3.1 Structure diagram:
3.2 Installation procedure:
3.2.1 Open-package Inspection
Open the package, and check whether the device is in good condition, check complement of unit, spare parts and consumable parts according to the packing list. If you have any questions, please contact our distributor or our company directly.
3.2.2 Installation
1) Move the machine to appropriate location on the flat solid floor and press on the brake at the bottom of wheel.
2) Install the free arm onto the mounting joint at the top of the box.
3) Install the suction cover onto designated spot as above picture shows.
4) Use one-phase AC 220V-50hz or other local power (220V 60hz, 240V 50hz, 110V 60hz) would be ok.
3.3 Operation mode control
Move the machine to appropriate location and press on the brake at the bottom of wheel, plug in the power cord, pull the free arm to an appropriate position according to the demand, switch on the power and device start to work. Suction power could be controlled through the knob on the control panel, turn off the power switch after use, pull back the free arm.
This equipment has stepless knob, it can meet the needs for most operation when the knob is adjusted to the low power area (green area). If some surgery need larger flow, it can be adjusted clockwise, the maximum power is not recommended.

Washable primary filter Period Frequency: 15-30 days
Secondary filter
Period Frequency: 6-8 month
❶ Primary Filter
Washable synthetic fiber, high-efficiency filter can effectively remove the droplets and aerosol particles, absorb water vapor
❷Secondary Filter
HEPA-13 filter it can effectively filter out 99.95% solid particles and colloidal substances
Size 240*175*25mm
❸Disinfectant UV light
Kills viruses and bacteria
❹Plasma Generator
Plasma sterilization to eliminate odor
❺HEPA-13 filter
HEPA-13 Active carbon filter it can effectively absorb 99.95% of the odor and fume, eliminate viruses
Size 370*200*40mm
HEPA filter
Period Frequency: 9-12 month
Working principle for ProClean Extra Oral Suction System
Clean,Fresh Air

4: Maintenance
4.1 Keep the outside of the machine clean and tidy, do not use chemical detergent, alcohol to wipe the machine.
4.2 Clean the primary filter regularly (wash with water once every month).
4.3 Maintain and replace HEPA filter and exhaust filter, ultraviolet lamp once a year.
4.4 ProClean Extra Oral Suction System: When not in use, store in a dry and ventilated place.
4.5 Replacement Filters & Items:
5: Trouble-shooting
Replacement washable synthetic fiber filter Replacement HEPA-13 small filter Replacement UV lamp
Replacement Plasma Generator Replacement HEPA-13 large filter Replacement Suction Motor
6: Electric principle diagram

7: Disposing notes
Following requirements shall be followed as stored:
• Disconnect the appliance from power.
• The components of the product are non-toxic, dispose of the appliance should following all environmental
regulations. 1
8: Pack3ing list
Product name
Suction device + free arm component Suction cover
Instruction manual
Unit Quantity pc 1
pc 2
pc 1