DiaGold: The Best Source for All Your Bur Needs

Everybody knows that when you combine premium quality products with competitive prices and excellent customer service, something good is about to happen. Yet few embrace this philosophy and employ as a mission statement for business as, Effi Schneider, founder and owner of, in Los Angeles.

When Schneider started his business back in 1992, all he had was a family relation with one of the most renowned Bur Manufacturers in the world, and a vision of becoming the best source for dental burs.

Fast forward some two decades, and it becomes clear that the aforementioned philosophy rings as true today as it did then. With Schneider’s incredible will to succeed combined with the help of a small and dedicated crew of bur experts, GoldBurs has slowly grown to be what it is today's best source for all your bur needs.

Whether you run a small practice, own a multi-office franchise or dental laboratory, GoldBurs is small enough to care about you, and big enough to handle your business. At they work diligently to have a steadily growing inventory, 100 percent commitment to customer satisfaction, and timely processing of shipments. They realize it doesn’t stop there to succeed in an exceedingly competitive bur-supply market.

At the heart of GoldBurs success lies the uncompromising dedication to providing the perfect bur at the lowest price possible. DiaGold’s line of premium multi-use 24 karat gold plated diamond burs use Swiss shanks, DeBeer Diamonds, the industry’s leading bonding technology and the highest-standard quality control. GoldBurss line of carbide burs consists of a wide range of shapes and sizes.

From the most aggressive award winning T-Rex metal cutting burs, Trimming & Finishing burs, and the most popular six-bladed Operative and Surgical burs, all are made to the highest industry standards. 5000 satisfied clients and counting is ample proof that GoldBurs strategy is working.

Today the company is distributing top-quality burs all across the U.S., as well as in more than 18 countries around the world, while continuing to increase their presence in the dental community with participation in all major dental trade shows.

When dentists make the switch to, they save a substantial amount of money while maintaining the same high quality and standard as other leading competitive distributors and manufacturers.

Call DiaGold at 800-638-2877 , 800-MDT-BURS today and talk to one of their customer representatives to learn more about their incredible deals and request the new product catalog.

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