iBrite Deplaquer / Polisher
iBrite Deplaquer / Polisher



SR-100 Product Details

Cleans better than brushing and flossing alone

Effective removal of tobacco, coffee, tea, wine, and other stains

Immediate results

Included paste contains fluoride for cavity prevention

1 x iBrite Deplaquer/Polisher Unit: 1x Handpiece, 1x Remi desensitizing paste pen, 4x AA 

A convenient cordless stain remover that cleans better than just brushing and flossing. Its unique fusion of professional technology and ease of use allows for the ultimate removal of tobacco, coffee, tea, wine, and other types of stains even years after they form. The results will be visible immediately after use, and you will be able to smile more confidently. The kit comes with several types and sizes of cleaning heads to ensure the cleaning cups reach all tooth crevices and gaps, and effectively remove the stains accumulated over time. The included polishing paste contains fluoride for cavity prevention.


260200  200 x Coarse, mint paste cups & 2 plastic autoclavable prophy rings

261200 200 x Medium, mint paste cups & 2 plastic autoclavable prophy rings

198T-144 Torque cup, standard package, 144 pcs. per box

198T-500 Torque cup, bulk package, 500 pcs. per box