IVac™ LED Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler 9542PS $899



 market's most innovative piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler:

The iVac LED Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Unit. With a modern and innovative design, the iVac piezo was designed to meet the demands of dentists with the best conceivable ultrasonic source performance. With a lightweight handpiece, LED light source, and adaptive vibration system, which automatically calculates the best frequency for each type of insert and application, the iVac piezo features an easy-to-operate touchscreen panel, in addition to being easy to clean. The iVac piezo offers the functions of scaler and periodontics, additionally providing a series of inserts for use in endodontics, such as exclusive tips for locating canal entries and state-of-art irrigation. Furthermore, iVac exclusively features the iVac negative pressure irrigation and ultrasonic activation system. The iVac is a complete option for irrigation and disinfection of the root canal, combining ultrasonic activation and negative pressure irrigation with a shallow risk of extrusion and constant renewal of the irrigating fluid. This unique function can be achieved from the iVac piezo ultrasonic unit, which has three accessory bottles with an improved dual valve connection, which guarantees a perfect ft without leaks. iVac piezo has a 30-second timer for constant irrigation control and a semi-automatic flush system to ensure the equipment's longevity even when corrosive irrigating liquids are used.

● Less patient sensitiveness and discomfort with the vibration feedback control during scaling
● Water line or reservoir/bootles irrigation sources
● Range of frequency from 25 to 31 kHz
● S-type (Satelec) extensive options of inserts and tips
● Exclusive 3 accessories bottles for fast irrigation fluid replacement during endodontic treatment
● Lightweight LED ergonomic handpiece
● Exclusive 30 seconds continuous irrigation timer
● Semi-automatic flush program to prevent build-ups and corrosion
● Designed and tested for Pac-Dent's unique iVac endodontic irrigation system



iVac LED Piezoelectric unit is an ultrasonic device operating on a range of 25 to 31KHz frequency. iVac piezo is a portable unit that can be connected to the office water line or its reservoir for irrigation during the procedure. iVac piezo is a multifunctional device that can be used for dental hygiene; extensively evidence-based and proven to be effective for calculus and stain removal, alongside applications in endodontics, periodontics, cavity preparation, implantology, and oral surgery. iVac piezo utilizes a state-of-the-art piezoelectric transducer operating at an optimal frequency of 27 kHz to 31 kHz in a linear pattern via crystals activated by the ceramic handpiece. iVac piezo requires less water to control heat compared with magnetostrictive ultrasonic handpieces. This specific property produces fewer aerosols during scaling and is more comfortable for patients with breathing conditions. In addition, with an advanced processor-controlled energy dispersion, the iVac piezo electronics manage the necessary vibration for each procedure, allowing more comfort and less aerosol during vibration.

Comparison of iVac piezo (Piezoelectric) versus Cavitron (Magnetostrictive)

 iVac piezo exclusive features:

● Ultrasensitive intuitive touchscreen control panel interface for ease of use with       customizable power settings for improved efficiency

●  Waterline and reservoir irrigation modes

● Regular tank and accessories bottles to quick shift irrigants during the procedure

● Pre-set semi-automatic clean-purge program

● Pre-set programs for scaling, perio, endo and endo activation/irrigation

● 30 seconds alarm to time endo activation/irrigation

● LED tip illumination

● Compatible with S-type tips

● Unique proprietary inserts for finding hidden canal entrances and irrigation/activation


Advantages of iVac piezo versus other piezoelectric units:

● LED tip illumination
● Regular tank and accessories bottles to quick shift irrigants during the procedure
● Pre-set clean-purge program
● 30 seconds alarm to time activation/irrigation
● Irrigation mode with pre-set vibration and amplitude suitable for endodontics  irrigants activation
● iVac™ Apical Negative Pressure Irrigation and Activation System ready to use
● Exclusive Trumpet and Scout tips to find hidden canal entrances (i.e., MB2 upper molar)

 Contents Of Box: 

● Main unit, Handpiece

● Torque wrench

● Flat Wrench, Foot pedal

● AC cord, Reservoir

● LED lamp (extra)

● 3 Accessory Bottles


● Tech Guide


Tips Included: 

● ED12D (ball diamond coated)

● ED15 (spreader)

● ED17 (gutta percha cutter)

● ED27 (Trumpet – canal orifice localization)

● ED28 (Scout – canal orifice micro-opening)

● ED70 (irrigation/activation connector for PolySonic tips)

● ED73 (Peek polymer tip .20 18 mm)

● ED74 (Peek polymer tip .20 21 mm)

● ED14 (Long spreader - broken file retrieval) 


Technical specifications

iVac LED Piezo Ultrasonic Unit:

      • ● Main unit input: 110V. 50Hz/60Hz 280 mA.

      • ● Output primary tip vibration excursion: ≤90μm.

      • ● Output half-excursion force: <2N.

      • ● Output tip vibration frequency: 28kHz±3kHz.

      • ● Output power: 3W to 20W.

      • ● Main unit fuse: T0.5AL 250V.

      • ● Water pressure: 0.01MPa to 0.5MPa.

      • ● Weight of main unit: 3.97 pounds (1.8 Kg).

      • ● Operating mode: Continuous operation.

      • ● Type of protection against electric shock: class II equipment.