Rodin™ 3D Resin Printing Materials



3DR-DB-ORF - Rodin™ Denture Base 1 kg Bottle

3DR-SPLINT - Rodin™ Clear Bite Splint 1 kg Bottle

3DR-SGF - Rodin™ Surgical Guide 1 kg Bottle

3DR-TANF - Rodin™ Model TAN 1 kg Bottle

3DR-TIF - Rodin™ Try In 1 kg Bottle

3DR-OIBTF - Rodin™ Indirect Bonding Tray 1 kg Bottle

3DR-CASTF - Rodin™ Castable 1 kg Bottle

3DR-GLZ-15 and 3DR-GLZ-60 - Rodin Glaze 15G Bottle and 60G Bottle

3DR-TRAYF - Rodin™ Custom Bite Tray 1 kg Bottle

3DR-PLT-KIT - Rodin™ Palette Naturalizing Kit 14 x 1mL each shade 60g


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