Rodin™ Bond Dental Adhesive System

Cosmetic & Restoration, Gloves IRIS BLUE Nitrile, Rodin™ Bond Dental Adhesive System, Zirconia Contouring Kit Order # Z-KIT 221-000 , 5 Shape Grit: Medium Max. Speed: 6,000 ~ 20,000 rpm

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Introducing Rodin™ Bond, a versatile light-cured dental adhesive meticulously designed for use with direct and indirect bonding applications. Utilizing an innovative glass filler technology, Rodin™ Bond fortifies the hybrid zone and deeply permeates dentin tubules, establishing an unparalleled structural bond that sets it apart from unfilled adhesive systems.
Enhance the bond strength of Rodin™ Bond by pairing with Sensiguard™. This 2-in-1 desensitizer and primer promotes bonding, seals dentin tubules to prevent sensitivity, and reduces the risk of caries formation beneath the restoration. The incorporation of Sensiguard™ significantly bolsters shear bond strength and adhesion on direct and indirect surfaces, extending restoration lifespan.
Rodin™ Bond and Sensiguard™. use a cutting-edge flip-top cap design, enabling accurate “one-drop” adhesive dispensing with a single hand. This feature reduces waste and streamlines the clinical workflow, ensuring smooth application. Additionally, Pac-Dent’s unit dose packaging maintains adhesive integrity by shielding it from air and moisture, ensuring reliable and precise bonding results.

Product Features:
• Best-In-Class Adhesion: Nano-hybrid glass filler technology provides incredible bond strength and reliable adhesion to a comprehensive array of dental materials, encompassing dentin, enamel, zirconia, as well as various dental metals such as PFM.
• Full Compatibility: Can be used with light-cured, self-cured, and dual-cured composite materials on direct and indirect restorations
• Efficiency: Flip-top cap design saves valuable time and provides “one-drop” flow of adhesive while innovative unit dose system reduces exposure to air and moisture, preserving the bond agent’s effectiveness and reducing the need for measurement.
• Complete Solution: Combine Rodin™ Bond and Sensiguard™ for a comprehensive bonding solution that not only enhances bonding but safeguards against postoperative sensitivity through dentin tubule sealing.

471101 - Rodin™ Bond Dental Adhesive Bottle Kit

471102 - Rodin™ Bond Dental Adhesive 5mL Bottle Refill

481102 - Rodin™ Bond Dental Adhesive Unit Dose Kit: 50 x Rodin™ Bond 0.1 ml Unit Doses, 50 x SensiGuard™ 0.1 ml Unit Doses

481101 - SensiGuard™ Desensitizer 5mL Bottle Refill

471103 - Rodin™ Bond Dental Adhesive Unit Dose Refill, 100/pk

481103 - SensiGuard

Rodin™ Model

Model Resin –a robust, highly filled resin that is designed to build strong models for thermo-forming.

  • Maintain dimensional stability at high temperatures when thermoforming various appliances.
  • Abrasion resistant ideal for handling study and working models, and transfer dies.
  • Compatible with red and blue scanner lasers, producing high quality scans. No indicator spray required.
  • Easily picks up colored pencil markings to identify margins.
  • Non offensive odor compared to similar resins available to market.

Product Specifications

Material: Ultra-fast resin cure rate

Size: 3.25″(Dia) x 9″Height

Applications: Study model, working model, solid models, transfer dies.

Part Number: 3DR-TANF

MSRP: Rodin™ Model TAN, 1 kg Bottle, 3DR-TANF, $199.00 see discount price


Rodin™ Surgical Guide

Surgical Guide Resin – is a robust, highly filled resin that is designed for the creation of full-arch and quadrant surgical guides.

  • Maintains dimensional stability after autoclaving for device disinfection and sterilization.
  • High strength and shatter resistance if accidental contact occurs with oral surgery drilling burs.
  • Non offensive odor compared to similar resins available to market.

    Product Specifications

    Material: High strength mechanical properties

    Size: 3.25″(Dia) x 9″Height

    Applications: Implant positioning guides.

    Part Number: 3DR-SGF

    MSRP: Rodin™ Surgical Guide, 1 kg Bottle, 3DR-SGF, $249.00
    see Discount price $

    Rodin™ Denture Base

    Denture Base Resin– is a biocompatible Class II material suitable for printing all types of dentures bases. Its high strength and low shrinkage properties produce excellent fitting denture bases.

    • Best-in-class resin produces a life-like pink shade mimicking gingiva tissue.
    • Maximizes durability to match performance of traditional denture acrylics, outperforming all other non-filled denture base resins that may otherwise easily break upon dropping.
    • Non offensive odor compared to similar resins available to market.
    • Current offering includes a life-like pink shade mimicking gingiva tissue. 3 additional prescribed gingival pigmentation shades coming soon to market. (light pink, translucent pink, brownish-purple).
    • Product Specifications

      Material: Biocompatible Class II material

      Size: 3.25″(Dia) x 9″Height

      Applications: Denture base, gigival cutouts for all-on-x provisionals.

      Part Number: 3DR-DB-ORF

      Instructions for the IFU:  IFU-RODIN Sculpture Resin rev

      Colors: Light Pink, Original Pink, Red Pink, Dark Pink

      MSRP: Rodin™ Denture Base, 1 kg Bottle,
      3DR-DB-ORF, $299.00 see Discount price

      Rodin™ Splint

      Bite Splint (Hard) Resin – is a robust, highly filled resin designed for all types of splints, night guards and retainers.

      • Resistant to wear, and breakage under the harshest of oral environments making this an ideal material for patients suffering from acute bruxism and night grinding.
      • Minimal yellowing discoloration compared to like 3D-printed resins on the market
      • Can be prescribed for both bite splints and snoring appliances.
      • Non offensive odor compared to similar resins available to market.
      • Product Specifications

        Material: Tough and durable resin

        Size: 3.25″(Dia) x 9″Height

        Applications: Corrective NTI (nociceptive trigeminal inhibitor) appliances, corrective sleeping appliances, TMJ Splints, night guards.

        Part Number: 3DR-SPLINT

        Color: Translucent

        MSRP: Rodin™ Clear Bite Splint, 1 kg Bottle,
        • 3DR-SPLINTF, $249.00 see Discount price

Rodin™ Bite Tray

Custom Bite Tray Resin – is a robust, highly filled resin designed for printing custom bite trays and impression trays.

  • Strong, reliable, and resisting breakage at thinnest cross-section points (2mm minimum thickness is highly recommended).
  • Capable of enduring significant vacuum forces when pulling impressions from the mouth.
  • Designed to be transparent and colored appropriately to allow for ease of visual confirmation when applying direct adhesives to bite trays.
  • Non offensive odor compared to similar resins available to market.
  • Product Specifications

    Material: biocompatible Class I dental material

    Size: 3.25″(Dia) x 9″Height

    Applications: Custom tray, standard impression trays.

    Part Number: 3DR-TRAYF

    Color: Having an intentionally added pigmented color

    MSRP: Rodin™ Custom Bite Tray, 1 kg Bottle, 3DR-TRAYF, $249.00
    see Discount price

    Rodin™ All-Purpose Glaze

    Product Benefits and Features:

    • Enhances characterization for a wide range of dental applications, including crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, dentures, and all-on-x Provisionals.
    • Enhances translucency for 3D printed corrective oral appliances and implant positioning surgical guides.
    • Seals and repairs micro-fractures resulting from support removal and finishing processes.
    • User-friendly application enables increased productivity.
    • Provides best-in-class wear resistance for long-lasting results.
    • Exhibits low water sorption and resistance to discoloration, ensuring durability.
    • Available in 15g and 60g configurations to suit various professional needs.

    Rodin™ Castable Resin

    Castable Resin – is a specifically designed burnout material for use with lost adequately -cast wax techniques.

    • Maintains dimensional integrity up to the point of material ignition.
    • Ash free burnout for both rapid high temp and longer low temp burnout schedules.
    • Non sweating – wax compatible for corrective adjustments and sprueing applications.
    • Compatible for use with both gypsum and phosphate investment systems.
    • Part Number 3DR-CASTF

    Color: Having an intentionally added pigmented color

    MSRP: Rodin™ Castable, 1 kg Bottle, 3DR-CASTF, $249.00

    Rodin™ Ortho IBT

    Indirect Bonding Tray Resin – is a filled resin designed for printing indirect bonding trays.

    • Bonding trays easily flex and retain to natural dentition to allow for quick positioning of orthodontic brackets.
    • Bonding tray transparency allows for handheld UV light sources to penetrate to tack cure light curable cements.
    • Non offensive odor compared to similar resins available to market.

    Product Specifications

    Material: Flexible yet durable material

    Size:  3.25″(Dia) x 9″Height

    Applications: Indirect bonding trays

    Part Number: 3DR-OIBTF

    Color: Having an intentionally added pigmented color

    MSRP:Rodin™ Indirect Bonding Tray, 1 kg Bottle, 3DR-OIBTF, $249.00

    Rodin™ Palette Naturalizing Kit

    Introducing the Rodin™ Palette Naturalizing Kit a groundbreaking dental light curing staining system designed to elevate the characterization process for dental professionals. This state-of-the-art kit offers unparalleled control and precision, enabling users to achieve exceptional esthetic results. Available in a diverse range of shades, dental professionals can effortlessly customize restorations, ensuring a perfect blend with patients’ dentition and resulting in a seamless, stunning smile.

    Product Features and Benefits:

    • Comprehensive color selection empowers users to precisely characterize and color-match restorations and provisional appliances.
    • Provides best-in-class wear resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance.
    • Demonstrates low water sorption and resistance to discoloration for enduring esthetic results.
    • Optimized for use with light curing systems in conjunction with a nitrogen atmosphere, maximizing durability and abrasion resistance.


    • A Base
    • B Base
    • C Base
    • D Base
    • Cream
    • White
    • Yellow
    • Violet
    • Blue
    • Magenta
    • Pink
    • Red
    • Dark Brown
    • Orange Brown


    Rodin™ Palette Naturalizing Kit, 14 x 1mL each shade, 60g, 3DR-PLT-KIT, $349.00

    Rodin™ Glaze, 300 x micro applicators and 1 x mixing well


    Rodin™ Try-In

    Try-In –an ideal, low-cost solution intended for producing Try-In denture models prior to printing the final denture base and teeth.

    • Verify digital designs and intraoral fit checks prior to fabricating temporary or permanent digital fixed restorations and Provisionals.
    • Rodin Try-in is shaded in off-white to help practitioners identify details and characteristics of contours and anatomy while minimizing blinding effects that a pure white shade produces.
    • Non offensive odor compared to similar resins available to market.
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    Product Specifications

    Material: Try-In denture models

    Size: 3.25″(Dia) x 9″Height

    Applications: Diagnostic models, denture try-in, AOX try-in, full crown try-in, and bridge try-in.

    Part Number: 3DR-TIF

    Color:Having an intentionally added pigmented color

    MSRP: Rodin™ Try In, 1 kg Bottle, 3DR-TIF, $249.00



    Sensiguard™  is a groundbreaking antibacterial desensitizer that excels in sealing dentin tubules to prevent postoperative sensitivity and significantly reduces the risk of caries formation beneath restorations.  In addition to these desensitizing qualities, Sensiguard™ significantly enhances bond strength through the rewetting of collagen fibers in the dentin.

    When combined with a dental adhesive such as Rodin™ Bond, Sensiguard™ acts as both a desensitizer and a primer. This unique formulation revitalizes collapsed collagen fibers, providing unparalleled monomer penetration, creating exceptional shear bond strength and steadfast adhesion to dentin tubules.

    Product Features:

    • Patient Comfort: Significant reduction of post-operation sensitivity in patients
    • Anti-Bacterial: Sensiguard’s antibacterial qualities reduce the risk of caries formation beneath restorations, ensuring long-lasting protection.
    • Universal Compatibility: Rodin Sensiguard seamlessly integrates with a range of dental adhesives
    • Efficiency: Save time without sacrificing precision. The flip-top cap design guarantees efficient application while providing a controlled adhesive flow.


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