Rodin™ Sculpture 3D Resin Printing Materials - Ceramic Nanohybrid



Rodin™ Sculpture Ceramic Nanohybrid 1.2 kg Bottle
Rodin™ Sculpture Ceramic Nanohybrid 600 g Bottle
Rodin™ Sculpture Ceramic Nanohybrid 300 g Bottle


Rodin™ Sculpture

Rodin™ Sculpture– Pac-Dent’s revolutionary crown and bridge ceramic-nanohybrid resin offers best-in-class aesthetics, high mechanical strength, low wear rate, and fracture resistance against leading competitors.

  • Now available in 18 Vita Classic shades and 3 assorted bottle configurations to choose from, allowing for unmatched customization tailored to each patient’s smile!
  • Rodin™ Sculpture is ADA approved and recognized for permanent single unit inlays, onlays, and full contour crowns. Permanent crowns printed with Sculpture meet requirements for updated 2023 ADA insurance code reimbursements.
  • Best-in-class radiopacity provide clinicians with superior X-ray clarity, allowing for precise fit of printed restorations.
  • Aesthetic enhancements are possible with acrylic based light curable stain and glaze systems such as the Rodin™ Palette Naturalizing Kit.
  • Non offensive odor compared to similar resins available to market.
Material: Ceramic Nanohybrid
Applications: Single crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers, denture tooth arches, all-on-x Provisionals

**Shipping may take up to 21 Days