Get your Choice of FREE promo gift with a qualifying orders

1. 50" Toshiba LED 4K UHD HDR Fire TV -with a purchase of 500 Gold Burs($3.99 and up)

2. $40" sharp smart HDTV FREE Roku TV - with a purchase of 400 Gold Burs ($3.99 and up)

3. Amazon Echo Show FREE with a purchase of150 Gold Burs ($3.99 and up)

4. Apple AirPods FREE with a purchase of 250 Gold Burs ($3.99 and up)

5. apple watch 3 FREE with the purchase of 250 GoldBurs s ($3.99 and up)

6. apple watch 4 FREE with the purchase of 350 GoldBurs s ($3.99 and up)

7. apple watch 5 FREE with the purchase of 450 GoldBurs s ($3.99 and up)

8.  ipad 10.2" latest model FREE with the purchase of 450 GoldBurs ($3.99 and up

9. iPhone XR 64 GB unlocked ships from best buy (select your favorite color)

Ways to order;

1.You can select your preferred promotional gift here go to checkout and send us the list of the burs you like to order. (all burs $3.99 and up qualify for the special)

2.You can select the burs and add to cart and send us a massage at checkout with your preferred promotional gift.

3. Feel free to call one of our specialists for more information 800-638-2877