The Comfort-Sonic P9 offers the convenience of a portable unit that can be connected to any dental console while demonstrating high performance and multi-functionality. It is simple to operate and suitable for a variety of clinical procedures – scaling, perio and endo. It provides a patient-friendly and efficient way of meeting the challenges of specialist dentistry.

Includes 8 Tips (EE1, EG1, EG4,EG5,EG6,EP1,EP3,EP4D)

Power input 110V~ 50Hz/60Hz 220 - 240V~ 50Hz/60Hz
Main unit input 24V~ 50Hz/60Hz l.3A
Output power 3W ~ 20W
Frequency 28kHz ± 3kHz
Main unit weight 1.35kg
Adapter weight 1.2kg
Dimensions 234mm×193mm×109mm