Handpieces slow speed internal water cooling EX-203 iw

$ 359.00


Dental Low Speed Handpiece Inner Straight Contra Angle Air Motor 2/4Hole Turbine

Technical specification:


Contra angle:

-Autoclavable 135°C·

-Bur size:Ø 2.35


-Air pressure:0.3MPa

-Rotate speed:18,000 – 25,000rpm

Straightn handpiece:

-Working pressure: 0.3MPa (4-hole); 0.25MPa (2-hole)

-Revolution: about 20000r/min

-Noise: ≤68dB

-Air consumption: about 56L/min

-Ratio: 1:1

-Max speed of straight head and contra angle: 40000rpm/min.

Air Motor:

-Supply air pressure: 245-392KPa (2.5-4kgf/cm2)

-Speed: 18,000-25,000rpm/min

-Internal water Cooling System

4-Hole available