OptiComp Nano Universal Nanohybrid Composites
OptiComp Nano Universal Nanohybrid Composites



A new high quality, resin-based composite filling material with a unique nano hybrid formula, it delivers superior surface and excellent physical properties. The tooth-colored composite is designed for direct restorative treatment as well as repair of composite and ceramic veneers. Its high viscosity provides for effortless handling, ease of sculpting and molding. This light-activated universal restorative provides for long working time with short curing time. With its unique characteristics, increased filler load, including the ability to prevent caries due to fluoride release, this exceptional nano hybrid composite is the ideal material of choice in many clinical situations for both anterior and posterior esthetic restorations.

  • Lifelike restoration with very high radiopacity
  • Effortless handling, provides long working time
  • Available in both syringe and capsule
  • Fluoride-releasing, caries protection
  • Superior strength and high wear resistance
  • Polish retention and high luster
  • Minimal post-sensitivity and tooth-stress

K I T  C O N T E N T S

1 - 7ml PacBond  2 - Well mixing wells 1 - Mixing pad
1 - Brush tip handle  1 - Brush tip 20 - Etching tips
3 - 1.2cc PacEtch etching gel

Syringe Kit
4 - 4gm syringes, 1 of each shade: A1, A2, A3, and B1

Unit Dose Kit
80 - 0.2gm capsules, 20 of each shade: A1, A2, A3, and B1
1 - ProDispensing Gun

O R D E R #
  • PD-7680S  OptiComp Nano Syringe Kit  
  • PD-7680U  OptiComp Nano Unit Dose Kit  
Syringe Refill, 4 X 4gm
  • PD-7681 A1    
  • PD-7682 A2    
  • PD-7683 A3    
  • PD-7684 A3.5    
  • PD-7685 B1    
  • PD-7686 B2    
  • PD-7687 B3    
  • PD-7688 C1    
  • PD-7689 C2    
  • PD-7690 Universal   
  • PD-7691 Incisal   
Syringe Refill, 1 X 4gm
  • PD-7701 A1      
  • PD-7702 A2      
  • PD-7703 A3      
  • PD-7704 A3.5   
  • PD-7705 B1      
  • PD-7706 B2     
  • PD-7707 B3      
  • PD-7708 C1      
  • PD-7709 C2      
  • PD-7710 Universal    
  • PD-7711 Incisal          
Unit Dose Refill, 20 X 0.2gm
  • PD-7721 A1             
  • PD-7722 A2               
  • PD-7723 A3               
  • PD-7724 A3.5           
  • PD-7725 B1               
  • PD-7726 B2               
  • PD-7727 B3               
  • PD-7728 C1              
  • PD-7729 C2               
  • PD-7730 Universal     
  • PD-7731 Incisal