MT DRIVER effortlessly close and open prosthetic implant screws MTD23901



The MTDRIVER Extended: MTD23901 $695.00 NEW PRODUCT

Is designed to assist the dental Professional
to easily and effortlessly close and open prosthetic screws with a 1.27mm hex. Head

The driver comes at two pressures Ncm- 20 & 30 and both 20Ncm and 30 Ncm

Charge the driver (C-Type Charger)
(about 50 minutes) sert the 90º head, by turning it onto the driver.  

nsert the 1.27mm bit into the head of the screw driver.

Lock the bit into the drivers head with the special lock mechanism.   Open & Close buttons, allowing easy & simple operation of the driver.

For cleaning, disconnect the 90º head, clean and place in the autoclave.

Do not autoclave the motor.

Electric Torque:

low torque: 0.08-0.12Nm

high torque:0.3-0.45Nm

Torque Adjustment:

When the light is off, press the light control button, is the light flashes once, it will be low torque; if the light flashes 2 times, it is high torque.

*Please note that the driver can reach up to 25Ncm or 35Ncm when fully charged.