1. Talon® cuts through all materials Except Zirconium, these include: Precious,
Semi-precious metals, alloys, porcelain, titanium, amalgam, and enamel.
2. Our unique “hour glass” design combined with our blade angles provide the fastest
cutting bur you have ever experienced. The hour glass shape helps to evacuate the
blades of matter, preventing any blocking of the blades.
3. The Talon® burs provide not only horizontal cutting but also vertical cutting which
gives the Talon® unmatched flexibility and diversity. You can use 1 bur to remove
crowns, remove amalgams, create endodontic access holes, remove broken implant
screws, cavity preparations, crown preparations and much more.
4. A single Talon® bur can do the job of 2-4 other burs. For example
1 Talon® bur is able to remove up to 3 to 6 crowns whereas regular metal cutting
burs often require 2, 3, or even 4 burs to remove a single crown. Not only does this
same you money in burs but just imagine the amount of chair time you will save by
not having to constantly change burs. This does not even take into consideration the
fact that you don’t have to use a diamond bur to remove the porcelain because our
Talon® cuts through both porcelain and metal.
5. The Talon®’s multi-functionality (ability to be used for many different procedures)

The Talon® 12 is your metal cutting Clydesdale, cuts through the hardest materials with
speed, efficiency and power. Perfect for the most difficult PFM crowns and bridges.
Cut up to 5 or 6 crowns with a single bur.

Head Diameter: 1.2mm
Head Length: 4.2mm
Total Length: 19.2mm

Technical Information about the proper use of Talon® burs:
• Suggested Rotational speed:
air turbines: ≥ 350.000 RPM; Electric contra angle red ring: 180.000 to 200.000 RPM

**Note: Although the Talon has a great performance with air turbines, it per-
forms even better with an electric red ring (1:5) handpiece because of the supe-
rior torque produced by the electric handpiece.

• Talon® burs are extremely sharp, much sharper than any other burs, therefore a
feather light touch is required. Let the bur do the work for you.
• For the ultimate results use the bur at an angle of 30-40 degrees,this way you are
taking advantage of both the end-cut and side-cut capabilities of the bur at the same